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An integral part of the knitting machine display device by using punch cards and tape on the characteristics of the sample were extracted knitting machine punch card size may vary, depending on the size and the size of the defect stopped knitting region of space, feature extraction defect of course, the parking area is not deformed defect and has no effect on the knitting tension. The detection system for a sample image captured is very easy.

First check whether the proximity switch is damaged, such as intact, check the proximity switch is normal. 1 when counting points through proximity switch proximity switch lights view is displayed red, (1 long red light to see is not too close to the switch from counting points, two proximity switches lights flashed, look at the counter whether changes .
Note: The proximity switch count something different, such as 0.19 then the display 6 at 1 m, 0.35 Showing 3 under, and so on, the excess accumulation. ).

When the count point passing near the light switch off (from the point of whether one counts from the proximity switch far less than a meter, you can adjust the distance .2 proximity switch bad).

When the count point past the proximity switch lights without meter: in the proximity switch lights Please amount at approximately the voltage switch 3 cable is the same, if not the same, the proximity switch bad.

Appears on the knitting machine downtime is unacceptable defects, such fabrics with defects would drop and other treatment earlier, people have to make an effort to reduce this downtime defect, but without success, mainly due to problems complexity, and increases after knitting speed, the probability of such defects occur also increases.

Entire defect detection system shutdown Institute of Technology knitting machine detection system (ITV) for the two-dimensional warp knitting machine defect detection system has been developed, the project first started knitting machine woven fabric from the study start mark, the development of the detection system to make stop marks for objective, reproducible analysis possible. This test procedure is done by image processing.