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Overhead Acupuncture: Overhead knitting machine needle is on the basis of positive needle conducted. Turn the power switch, bring up an aerial tricks pattern number, adjust the head position in KC1. Let the nose over the change to the mark, right-to-left weave row. When the needle selected, press the two overhead pattern pattern key, continue to knit, you get an aerial tricks. Acupuncture Features: With tuck tricks Instead, every two to four aerial tricks is not to participate in the knitting needle to form a pattern.

Acupuncture relief: relief pattern also on the basis of positive needle conducted. Turn the power switch control to call up the relief pattern Atlas pattern number, such as 426, will host the first transferred to KC1 position, from right to left needle weaving his party the election. When the needle will be elected coarse lines on the right side of the nose mouth relief line, press two relief organizations brush row from left to right.

Then remove the coarse lines from the right side of the relief line mouth, put it in relief line on the left side of his mouth, from right to re-knitting line. Repeatedly to get relief pattern. Acupuncture Features: This needle is thick and thick lines in mixed weaving, bold line hook hooked been selected to form a coil, while thick lines were caught in the thick line of the coil to form protruding fabric surface a three-dimensional relief pattern.