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Dongguan Guan Bo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional committed to the production of high-speed weaving machine manufacturers, we have 20 years of experience, the production model has more than a hundred species of Shenzhou spacecraft to parachute from heavy construction machinery high-pressure pipeline, from iphone phone line and then to a medical prosthesis, everywhere flashed Bo crown figure.

Braiding machine uneven density braid strands tightness

Reason: weaving machines strand tension out of control

Prevention: replace the long-term use fatigue loss of elasticity of the spring, to adjust the tension of each strand

Knitting machine knitting pitch unevenness

Reason: cable ring around the traction sheave too few sliding spindle speed and traction line speed instability, set match.

Prevention measures: appropriate to increase the number of turns of the cable on the traction sheave, adjust the speed and stability between the two

The future, we will make more efforts, more carefully, to provide users with solutions for the entire woven together to create "technology crown Bo, Bo crown quality, world crown Bo!"