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Knitting machine production, equipment is in operation long-term, static deformation and dynamic deformation of the machine are changing all the time, which makes this a good or a connection has been tightened good assembly of local and systematic errors gradually increasing. Leading to the relative positions of some parts of the production space to move, gauge change process, resulting in changes in the state of the process, the product quality. Whether or not the machine is running, its static form forever. And after the operation, and increase the dynamic deformation. Both deformation so that the nut and the screw thread is deformed, causing combination gradually loosened, the rear gasket squeezed thin, spring washers stretch down the like.

Well fastener tightening measures knitting machine maintenance

(1) the use of patrol See Key technology components for each machine and securing loose joints and timely tightening loose parts.

(2) national sentinel plants to purchase standard fastening member.

(3) fastening operation of Unified fasteners, fastening avoid under- or over-tightening, resulting in potential failure or shorten the life of the fastening parts.

After years of effort, the "crown Bo" has become a brand weaving technology leader, we pioneered the high-precision automatic weft density systems, high-precision constant tension retractable device, double 3-axis asynchronous interaction weaving, knitting and other new oil-free technology, and the first in China launched a pre-research work 3D woven composite materials technology. We promote environmental protection concepts, efforts to reduce energy consumption and noise, reduce environmental pollution, green future contribute modest force!