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Household knitting machine generally consists of the host and slave of two parts. By blending the host and slave can weave needle anyway, gold needles and other simple tricks. Deputy machine is mainly used to weave rib border, enabling the fabric and elastic. Jacquard function in the host portion is completed, can be an every one, two and three compartments separated by a row of needle plate and the nose raising cam lever to achieve tuck, aerial, two-color jacquard, and to achieve a mesh with a wooden pin transfer coil flowers woven pattern woven, or through the front and rear needle bed with, anyway weave needle, gold needle, needle Siping, double plate jacquard needles and other needle, needle before bed can also be a separate operation to weave tuck, aerial, mesh, etc. a variety of patterns.
Household sweater knitting machine to provide such models in the domestic manufacturers is relatively small, only a few Panda and other manufacturers, while foreign manufacturers of complex structure knitting machines, spare parts and maintenance more difficult is relatively large, therefore, When you purchase, in addition to the price factor, you must also consider whether the sales maintenance services, spare parts supply, technical training and other comprehensive ability.
Buy good quality home-based knitting machines, contact Dongguan Cheng Hong electrician Material Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high-speed weaving machine manufacturers, "R & D, production, sales, service," in one.
Since its inception, we have been focusing on development of new products, and mechanical parts of the process to update. Over the years, we have the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the combination of the status of the domestic cable industry, we have developed with the current international-class weaving machinery. On the appliance we imported original products, we continue to update on the processing equipment, with a variety of vehicles, milling, planing, grinding and CNC computer gongs and other advanced processing equipment, machinery and spare parts to make our increasingly refined.