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Dongguan Guan Bo Precision Machinery Co.
TEL:0769-82882166 FAX:0769-88922990
QQ:2439000583 CONTACT:MR HAN MOB:13602339536 ADD:Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, S358 Provincial Highway No. 222 section Toki Habitat
Give you a no- ceiling arena , Bu Wei academic abilities , Bu Wei qualification results .
Our employment standards are: recognition of core values ​​, very capable people , will be reused , which is urgently needed for the rapid development of the pillars ; core values ​​and identity , a certain ability, is our force , the company will carefully cultivate in order to grow rapidly , as the company used .
The company's employment standards may not perfect, but in our journey, we have been screened to ensure that both ability and integrity of promising talent, the company has been able to advance health . We are convinced that abide by professional ethics , follow the pace of the company forward , experience excellent skills, your achievements will be on !
Objective and fair competition mechanism
Fair , just and open talent competition mechanism for talent to develop their potential to provide a good support system , but is used to form a high-quality platform. Open to enable the company to attract talent elite sectors , continue to promote the strong development of the Group.
Our talent
We abide by the virtuous people-oriented , to Germany first principles. Our employees must have excellent work ethic , agree with the company 's corporate culture , dedication and loyalty to the cause of doing business , down to earth and realistic .
There is a sincere honest business . To society, consumers, partners , employees , integrity is our commitment to achieve perfection .
There can be rapid development in all business areas in order to provide a broad stage to display their many talents ; employees only have good learning ability, continuous learning and self-motivation , and continuously improve their overall knowledge and skills in order to adapt to the company 's development strategy.
Active development of the company , requires each employee to contribute their talents . Our outstanding staff is capable, open-minded , visionary , work, life is full of passion and this passion can be passed to colleagues , can own the best experience to staff colleagues.